Monday, December 5, 2011

Thoughts on Twitter

I'm not really a fan of twitter.  For a few reasons, one of which being that I can't remember which email I used to set mine up and I can't get in. (frustrated.)  But regardless, when it comes to disliking it, I'm in the minority. 

Clearly people like it.  The article Why Twitter Will Endure does a great job of elaborating on why.  It gives people quick access to huge volumes of information.  It can be direct and straight to the point, or lead you down a mysterious link-path to enlightenment, perhaps in something you never knew you cared about. I can certainly see why it has value to people. It just don't see that value applying to my lifestyle...

My problem with twitter is probably rooted in the fact that I'm not a computer person. I don't like them.  I don't like learning how to do new things with them. And i don't like adding more passwords and log-ins to my list.   I can't keep track of my email accounts, add in facebook, linkedin, and every other of a billion websites and what-nots i have some sort of log in or subscription to and I just don't want to mess with it.  And I can't keep my thoughts straight most days anyway, I don't need any more random facts thrown into my mental peripherals. 

Maybe if I owned a small business and wanted to share specials or promotions or update customers on a closing due to bad weather, then sure! If I was in a band and wanted to let people know about a new venue we'd be playing at, a baker with a new recipe to share.  Really I can think of a million things it could be used for.  But unless I'm updating people on how late I'm running to work in the morning or what socks I'm wearing for the day it doesn't do much for me. 

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