Monday, November 28, 2011

Starving children or endangered animals

This article leaves me with mixed feelings.  It covers the conflict between protecting endangered species and allowing local groups of people to provide themselves with the nutrients required to sustain a healthy populations by hunting those very animals. And where and how to apply rules of exception so that needs are met and exceptions are not taken advantage of. 

I'm not really sure what I think about it yet so I'm just going to share it for now and come back to it when I decide what I think.



This article gets me all sorts of excited!  In a series that works to address the energy challenges of today National Geographic brought up one of my favorite ideas! JETPACKS!

This company Jetpack International, out of Denver, actually makes functioning jetpacks! They even have two demo packs which run on hydrogen peroxide! That's right, the same stuff your mom used to dye her hair and clean your cuts can fuel your very own jetpack!

The downside?  You have to be specially trained pilot to buy one.  But worry not! If you want to speed up the process, or want to ride a RECORD BREAKING jetpack, just set up a small business (they currently sell only to companies), hop on over to New Zealand, and buy one from Martin Jetpack!

Just think! You would never have to mess with traffic jams or speed-trap cameras again!

I like it!


Wolverines are awesome

So I was perusing BBC online today and came across this little bit on wolverines.  I was excited about it.  And then I read it. At which point I realised they weren't giving them nearly enough credit.  It made wolverines sound vicious and bloodthirsty...and maybe are.  But mostly, they're just pretty awesome. 

I didn't always know they were so awesome. But a few months ago I watched this PBS documentary on wolverines and was totally sucked in.  Mostly, it made me want one as a pet.  (And I think everyone should watch the documentary so they can want one to!)  But also, it proves that they are completely adorable; more like an otter or... some other really playful animal than like a saber tooth tiger. 

I guess that's just some food for thought.  If you like documentaries you should watch that video. It's entertaining. And maybe it will inspire you to get a pet wolverine to. =]