Monday, November 28, 2011

Wolverines are awesome

So I was perusing BBC online today and came across this little bit on wolverines.  I was excited about it.  And then I read it. At which point I realised they weren't giving them nearly enough credit.  It made wolverines sound vicious and bloodthirsty...and maybe are.  But mostly, they're just pretty awesome. 

I didn't always know they were so awesome. But a few months ago I watched this PBS documentary on wolverines and was totally sucked in.  Mostly, it made me want one as a pet.  (And I think everyone should watch the documentary so they can want one to!)  But also, it proves that they are completely adorable; more like an otter or... some other really playful animal than like a saber tooth tiger. 

I guess that's just some food for thought.  If you like documentaries you should watch that video. It's entertaining. And maybe it will inspire you to get a pet wolverine to. =]


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